Dragoracle Shutting Down

We regret to inform you that Dragoracle will be shutting down permanantly. Thank you to everyone who supported us until the end.

Power Creep

After seeing the cards of DB-BT02, it was obvious to us that the game was power creeping already. Unfortunately, due to the amount of fans being blind to the power creep, Bushiroad has no incentive to improve in this matter. Afterwards we saw the same creep happening in DB-BT03 cards too, followed by the same blindness. Yes, every game has power creep and it is necessary. However, how a company decides to use power creep defines whether or not the creep is good or bad. Power creep is meant to increase design space when the R&D are running out of ideas in the current design space. It's not meant to happen in every set.

Product Not Moving

I've personally heard from multiple stores that product is very hard to move in Dragoborne, some questioning if it's even worth to carry the product in their stores. The same has been said about singles from various stores. I've made it a point to ask around to get other opinions and I'm seeing more stores having trouble than those that aren't. Some stores are even resorting to selling booster boxes for $30-45 in attempt to move them. This is not healthy in any game, let alone this early in a game.

Final Words

With all that said, I feel like we're wasting time with Dragoracle. Our team loves the design of the game, we enjoyed playing the game too. We really hate that this is the most logical option for us to take. I do hope the game manages to improve and grow, but only time will tell.

This is goodbye.

P.S. - site is up until URL expires later this year, but will not update any. Follow the official Dragoborne pages for new DB-BT03 cards.

This is goodbye