Oath of Blood

Releases November 10th, 2017.

Each box contains 20 packs, 8 cards per pack. Every card is available with or without foils, with foils randomly inserted. Each box comes with 5 translucent dice and 5 banners. Rarity Breakdown: RR:10 / R:30 / U:30 / C:50 "War has begun, one in which every nation has a stake. And in order to gain an advantage, alliances have been formed; each participant working towards their own goals. Some move with a purpose born of strong belief, some based on personal whim. The trick is to figure out who is out to get you killed. Pre-release kit comes with 55 packs, 8 non-foil promos, 1 foil promo, and 2 playmats.

Included Colors:
This is goodbye